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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Princess Ladybug

Gallery: Princess Ladybug

Name: Princess Ladybug
Location: Unknown

Princess Ladybug was very mean.

RIP Princess Ladybug. Gone but not forgotten, leaving many humans in need of counselling.

What makes Princess so mean?

Her adoption papers said that she had problems “socializing” but there was more, much more to that. She truly hated people. In fact, she hated people, all other animals, newspapers, vets, bugs, plants, my robe, the weather, Christmas…shall I go on?

She tolerated me because I was very gentle with her, had rescued her from the pound, and besides, I fed her special yummies! I also cleared a nice spot for her on the bed… right next to my pillow… every night. She didn’t always sleep there, but she liked having the option.

After a few months she actually grew to like me too (I think). It is very flattering to have the WildCat From Hell curl up with you and lick your nose every once in a while.

However, I was the only one she could bring herself to love. No one else would ever see her being anything less than severely angry and threatening. Whenever someone would visit, she would stiffen up and just stare at them with these wide, wild eyes until they left. Motionless, she would make these very scary, foreboding noises, growls from very deep within. Some people tried to pet her. They were the bravest people I’ve ever known.

Once, when a friend stayed for dinner, Princess sat right up on the kitchen table – directly in front of my friend – and stared at her. In addition to making the deep growling noise she would also scream and hiss every time my friend moved. I tried several times to get Princess off the table. There was much screaming and hissing! She let us know she was NOT MOVING until my friend left the premises. It was an interesting meal. We still talk about that day. My cat is kind of a legend around here.

Photo submitted by: Carol Ann


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