Gallery: Beast

Name: Beast
Location: Ogre’s house

Beast is mean

Hey…are you getting up? DIBS on the chair!

What makes Beast so mean?

If you have a favorite chair, watch it!! This cat has a radar and will be in your chair the moment you get up for anything and I hope you don’t want to sit there for a while. Chances are he will still be there tomorrow.

In between fighting with his brother Ogre and terrorizing any stray birds and mice, this is what this meankitty does. He will also sashay in front of you inviting you to pet him, but the moment you reach down, he runs a few feet ahead and then turns and looks at you, inviting you to reach for him again. In this way, he helps me exercise. He just looks sweet. When he’s awake, watch out!! He has long wicked claws and he knows how to use them.

Photo submitted by: Shannon


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