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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Devil

Gallery: Devil

Name: Devil
Location: VA

Devil is a meankitty

Thought you’d sleep on the top bunk to get away from me, did you? GUESS WHAT! I learned to climb!

What makes Devil so mean?

We got twin kitties, Dinky and Devil. Dinky had it in for other animals (but that’s another story) and Devil had it in for US. We were really good to both kittens, but Devil just had a short in her brain or something. No matter what we did or where we went, she followed us and attacked us. Now Dinky wasn’t the same way, so we don’t think it’s anything bad we did.

This is a picture of Dinky disturbing my sleep. I used to have to sleep on the uncomfortable top bunk because at first Devil couldn’t get up there, but that didn’t last long. I might look like I’m laughing here but really I’m yelling GET DOWN YOU DEVIL!

Devil bites

The road to hell is paved with Devil’s dismembered victims.

The second is a more recent picture of Devil. She has not grown out of her bad habit.

Submitted by: Jojo


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