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Gallery: Cleetus Maximus

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Name: Cleetux Maximus
Location: Pueblo, CO

Cleetus is a meankitty

You get the most boring email, I SWEAR. You promised you’d surf BirdTube.

What makes Cleetus so mean?

I adopted Cleetus Maximus from a friend who claimed she couldn’t keep him anymore because she was allergic to him. I really think it’s because he loves to bite and paw anyone who tries to give him love.

Cleetus is a meankitty because he loves to claw me in the face while I’m sitting in the bathtub. He will jump up onto the edge, look at me with the sweetest little kitty face, and then take a cat paw swipe at my head. It’s pretty creepy, and I’ve tried to lock him out of the bathroom, but he just sits there and meows until I let him in. I think he has a secret fetish.

Cleetus Maximus is mean

I will sit in your lap as long as you keep that ICKY LOVE STUFF to yourself. No kisses, man. No kisses.

Cleetus is also mean because he really enjoys spontaneously attacking me every once in a while. He will lunge at me with his paws flailing in the air until he realizes how small he is compared to me and how I could be his ultimate demise. Then, he backs off, saunters into a corner and falls asleep.

He is a sweety, though, and likes to cuddle.

Submitted by: Megs