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Gallery: Sadie (3)

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Name: Sadie (3)
Location: Kansas City, MO

Sadie is a meankitty

Yeah, I like a rockin’ 2 am – 5 am pee party…what of it?

What makes Sadie so mean?

She looks pretty adorable. But she’s evil.

Sadie is a small kitty, about 6 lbs. She’s stumpy and adorable, her cuteness masks the inner-meanie. Don’t think about approaching her, she will run. Sadie is very particular about her litter box, and if it’s not up to her standards, she pees on my things. When I go out of town, upon returning she immediately pees on my things. If I have company, or if my other cat upsets her, she pees on my things. Those things include, but not limited to – my bed, rugs, laundry, sofa, shoes, etc.

Sadie likes to party between the hours of 2am-5am. She’s very vocal about the good time she’s having. She particularly enjoys meowing as loud as she can while standing on my chest as I sleep. I wake to overturned trash cans with the contents tossed about.

Today I turned my back for 3 minutes to cut up some food, I turned back around to find Sadie and my other cat eating my bowl of steamed peas. A couple months ago, Sadie stole all the meat off my sandwich while I was in the bathroom, leaving the rest on the floor.

As I sit here typing this, she’s sitting next to me with one paw on my leg. That’s about as friendly as she gets. She sure is cute though.

Submitted by: Kelley A.