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Gallery: Trooper

Name: Trooper
Location: ??

Hey, female...can't you see it's boy's night in? You women get lost.

Hey, female…can’t you see it’s boy’s night in? You women get lost.

What makes Trooper so mean?

When I got married I only had Trooper. He hated my husband and ended up biting him. There were some rough times in the house while my hubby recovered from the blood poisoning (to this day he swears Trooper has some kind of kitty venom). After a while, Trooper somehow broke his leg on night out carousing, and I think he realized that Baron (husband) saved his hide by taking him to the vet and getting him fixed up.

During his recovery he was house bound for 4 months, and they bonded. Trooper has totally abandoned me for the “other man” of the house. He walks right up to the girl cat Tess, kisses her a couple of times, and then bites her on the neck! [Trooper’s note: I’m just copying what Baron does…] If he sees that she is under a blanket he will walk over and sit on her while pretending that he never knew she was there.

Submitted by: Stephanie


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