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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Brucie

Gallery: Brucie

Name: Brucie
Location: The Boo’s House

Brucie is a meankitty

When I’m not stalking, yowling, attacking bears and launching myself from armoires,
I am a male model in my spare time.

What makes Brucie Wucie so mean?

This is Bruce. He lives in a big house in High Ridge, MO. Isn’t he lovely? So fluffy and handsome…and a BRAT.

He’s my mum and stepdad’s kitty (at least that’s what they tell themselves) but he doesn’t like anyone. No one is allowed to pick him up, pet him, or even look at him unless he deigns them worthy. But he’s so pretty. It’s so tempting to try to pet him, yes?

If you do, make sure your medical insurance is paid up.

Since I moved in I’ve lost two layers of skin, been stalked and yowled at for no reason, and attacked at the top of the stairs that lead to my basement apartment. He’s even thought about going after Pearl, one of my kitties, but that would require cutting his lounging time short and making the effort to go downstairs.

My other kitty, The Boo, is too busy hiding under the bed to practice her MeanKitty arts right now, so I guess I have to watch the new Master. He’s good, too. His current specialty is launching himself off the TV armoire at unsuspecting passers-by.

If he and the dog get into a full-on battle, I’d have to put my money on Bruce. Actually I think Bruce could take down a fully-grown bear. And that is why you should never go for looks alone.

Submitted by: Deb


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