Gallery: Pamplemousse

Name: Pamplemousse
Location: Kansas

Pamplemousse the Meankitty

Come on, come on, pet me, I dare you!

What makes Pamp so mean?

Pamplemousse came in to our lives about October 2002, when my boyfriend’s co-worker moved and could no longer keep her. She was 11 weeks old. Of course we fell in love with her adorableness and indulged her little habits like chewing on our hands and biting/scratching us in play.

Now she is bigger and even more vicious when we play with her. You cannot put your hand near here without risking serious harm. She likes to chew and scratch on the furniture, bed, blankets etc. Her most recent torture involves playing in her litter box and leaping out of it, thus spraying the room with loose litter, and no matter how much we tell her not to, she seems to take particular delight in doing this as we get ready for work in the morning.

Photo submitted by: Meg


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