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Gallery: Fudgie

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Name: Fudgie
Location: Unknown

Fudgie hates tigger

Die, Tigger, die!

What makes Fudgie so mean?

Fudgie’s so mean he’s taken over a stuffed animal and refuses to give it back. Tigger goes everywhere with Fudge, usually by being dragged around by the jugular area. Needless to say, this mean kitty has removed all the ‘fur’ from Tigger’s neck and the stuffed tiger looks like the victim of an insane vampire attack.

Fudgie also chases our two dogs around the house, although the parrot did manage to show him who is boss with a Kung Fu maneuver. Since then, Fudgie gets even by taking naps in the parrot’s cage, which forces the bird to the top until Fudgie decides he’d rather be chasing the dogs or demanding a sniff and a lick of whatever we’re eating. Fudgie also stalks the house like a great cat of the Serengeti, ready to run out and pounce on anyone who dares to think they can just walk anywhere they want in his house. He insists on supervising us in the bathroom and will howl if we don’t let him in.

Fudgie is a meankitty

Die, human, die!

We’ve given up trying to eat at the kitchen table, since this appears to be Fudgie’s private domain. Whether its the surface or the seats, this mean kitty has never heard of sharing. Even when Fudgie is being a good boy and lets you pet him, if you even consider stopping, he wraps his paws around your hand and holds it in place. Rubbing the Fudge can take hours or days; people have starved to death in the process. The UN has been notified.

Submitted by: Trista