Gallery: Dusti

Name: Dusti
Location: South Carolina

Dusti is a meankitty

I have had my fill. But not of your FLESH!

What makes Dusti so mean?

Dusti is a reformed Psycho Kitty whose new Sweet Kitty personality sometimes gets overtaken by her former Psycho Kitty self. She’s beautiful and knows how to work it to get what she wants—food. Anytime one of my male relatives is around her, she gains a pound in a day. If I ever dare forget to feed her, she reminds me with a nice cuddle. As soon as she’s had her fill, however, the evil looks in my direction put me in my place and if I try to pet her in apology, my hand comes back shredded.

Dusti is a meankitty

VISITORS?? You shall not pass!

Psycho Kitty always takes over when I have visitors who stay for more than a day at a time, most notably, my niece and nephew. Dusti has been known to poop in my niece’s shoes and she took down my 6’2″ nephew and left him with a bloody gash on his leg during his last visit. My niece—a self-described cat lover who thinks no animal can do wrong—thinks my cat is evil. As soon as they leave, Sweet Kitty returns with cuddles and purrs…unless I forget to feed her. Then all bets are off.

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