Gallery: Alicia

Name: Alicia (street name Whitey)
Location: Unknown

Alicia is a meankitty

Is that

What makes Alicia so mean?

I have a meankitty named Alicia, but she prefers to be called Al. Her street name is Whitey and she can kick anybody’s tail that she wants to.

She walked in the front door of the restaurant that I used to work at 6 years ago,. Because it was such a busy night in town there were lots of cars on the streets, so the other hostess put her in my car for safekeeping. The chefs fed her salmon and prime rib all night, and she decided to stick around and grace us with her presence.

She prefers to have the house to herself, but I have recently gotten a new kitten who is fascinated by her. She would prefer if he were fascinated with car tires, or coyotes, but she has a good time trying to scratch his nose.

Alicia likes the camera

You simply must get a close-up of my gorgeous white whiskers.

Here’s some pictures of her from my backyard, she is irritated that I’m getting in her face- although I think she likes the attention because she never walks AWAY when I’m taking pics, only TOWARDS the camera.

The only person in the whole world that she really likes is my boyfriend. Anyone else she could take or leave, although sometimes I get kudos for bringing her good food.

I am currently on the litterbox list due to the new kitten situation and she is not speaking to me.

Photo submitted by: Jessica T.


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