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Gallery: Watson

Name: Watson
Location: Canada

Watson is a meankitty

The great trick is there never WAS a previous human slave, just some buddies of mine dressed up in a trench coat and standing on each other’s heads. We got the idea from a cartoon. Humans will believe anything!

What makes Watson so mean?

Don’t be fooled by the peaceful demeanor and reading the Bible. This is one ferocious feline. She arrived just before Christmas one year to stay as a guest while her “owner” (i.e. previous domestic staff) was out of town for a few days. Well, day 2 of her visit, she bit her host on the finger bad enough to require IV antibiotics and 3 months of physiotherapy. Then she hid in the basement for a month.

NOW, she rules the household. Current favorite tricks are:
– Sitting in the middle of the stairs, and taking a swipe at the human as he walks by.
– Walking across the computer keyboard, just to make her contribution to that e-mail or other dockkkkkEEEEEDDDFument.
– Sampling EVERYTHING the human eats or appears to eat. (No, Watson, you don’t want dental floss. Or my cellphone). She does, however, eat peas, corn, lima beans, and parsley. And will kill for chicken.
– Hissing at and generally annoying any girlfriends who visit.
– Awakening the human at odd hours of the night and whining if asked to move off the human’s pillow – even though she has her own.
– Sharpening her claws on the carpet on the stairs (so she can lie down while doing it) and testing them on a regular basis on the human.
– Insisting the bird feeder outside her window is kept constantly stocked, for her viewing pleasure.

Oddly enough, the previous human has remained out of town, so Watson remains with the new human. And the finger is doing much better, thank you.

Submitted by: Cam


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