Gallery: Skippy

Name: Skippy the Holiday Menace
Location: NC

Skippy is a menace

Next barf stop — the floor vents! I love barfin’ in the floor vents, man.

What makes Skippy so mean?

This is Skippy. He is a little Grinch spreading holiday mayhem throughout the house – namely in the form of barf. The darn cat eats the plastic Christmas tree branches and then proceeds to puke all over the place. He purposely seeks out the most obnoxious and hard to clean spots to leave his not-so-tidy tidings.

To make matters worse, the little hairball will go from barfing to meowing at the top of his lungs for food. We don’t give it to him right away because we don’t want to clean up more barf. Of course that makes him get even more in-your-face loud.

Photo submitted by: Sandi

PS Skippy lives with Winston (3)


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