Gallery: Poe

Name: Poe
Location: Unknown

Poe is a meankitty

Quoth the kitty, “Nevermore!”
Oh, and, “Die, vacuum, die!”

What makes Poe so mean?

Poe is one mean kitty! Well, actually she has social-phobia. I blame it on us. From the moment we saw her in the litter of nice kitties playing, she was sitting above them all by herself just staring with her glowing eyes. What a mean, anti-social kitty!

I have woken up several times during the night to her staring at me with her evil green eyes, waiting to pounce me. Not only does she have a social disorder, she is also bi-polar. She is sweet in the morning, and at night she runs back and forth meowing hysterically. She only pretends to be sweet so we will give her favorite ocean-explosion treats, and once she eats them she runs off and hides under the bed where we can’t touch her.

Between all of her disorders, I think this mean kitty needs some Zoloft! Too bad she is so cuddly.

Submitted by: Merin


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  1. rop says:

    Maybe she’s mad because you named her after a writer whose works include a guy that pulled the eye out of a Black Cat.

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