Gallery: Leo and Sammie

Name: Leo (tabby) and Sammie (black)
Location: Georgia

Leo and Sammie are meankitties.

Quick...let's share the cat tree peacefully for a minute so it ruins the picture she's trying to take for Meankitty!

What makes Leo and Sammie so mean?

From rescue cats to cat-divas! Leo and Sammie don’t like each other one bit and fight over who gets to be the “top cat” on the cat condo. Sammie in particular has had a rough life. He is a tripod and thinks he can use that to his advantage. He loves to bite my head and ears and bat at my nose at 4am because HE WANTS TO EAT. When they get the “midnight crazies” there is no stopping them. And at Christmas time, guess who tries to eat the little decorative tree? Leo! And of course he does it in the middle of the night.

Leo and Sammie are meankitties

Humans are so judgy! Artificial trees TASTE better as an after-midnight snack.

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