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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Kiwi

Gallery: Kiwi

Name: Kiwi
Location: Baton Rouge

Kiwi is a meankitty

What’s this ‘not for me’ present crap? If it’s wrapped, it’s for me. I don’t care what’s inside, I just like the paper and ribbon!

What makes Kiwi so mean?

Just wanted to share with you my meankitties, especially Kiwi. He and Ruby have even been kicked out of their grandma’s house for their nighttime hijinks.

Kiwi was six weeks old when I got him. He was given to me in college by a friend who swore he was female. Two weeks later, we notice a little mass down below. SURPRISE! A few weeks later, he started spraying on my roommate’s clothes when I would leave. Now he’s fat and lazy by day, terror at night!

When he’s not on the bed — which may be a combined 78 minutes per day — he’s eating, trying to eat food as you are cooking, and waiting for a litter box clean-up so he can use one of his five stomachs to stink it up again. He doesn’t know how to cover his tracks either, if you know what I mean. He loves to knock on blinds in the middle of the night, since so much action seems to be going on in an apartment complex at 3 a.m. He also likes to open Christmas presents that are not for him.

Photo submitted by: Emily


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  1. Kay says:

    yay! meankitty. so glad to see you post on Yahoo. been really missing you and hope you will continue to update on Yahoo. Love Meankitty! kthnxbai

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