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Gallery: House of M

Name: Magick, Mystick, Medea, Merlin (House of M)
Location: Bedford, VA

A Letter From the Mean Cats of America:

House of M is full of meankitties

Hey Mean Kitty and Big D! this is the crew at Mean Cats of America—Magick (the original), Merlin (aka Puke Boy or PB), Mystick (Hyssi Myssi) and Medea (aka The Alien In The Library or Chub Chubs)!

House of M lurking meankitty

We had a great Christmas season—or Yule as the Slaves call it…does it matter? Everyone knows I (Magick) am the Jolla Kotter (Yule Cat who scratches out the eyes of lazy children who do not appreciate getting clothing for Christmas) and THAT was the important thing.

House of M ChristmasThe tree WAS so beautiful! Slaves actually went out and bought a carousel for it so it could turn around and I could smack the balls off of all sides! What fun! Sometimes they can be so considerate! They also got an expensive new tree that has LED lights so I can’t munch on those yummy tiny bulbs–don’t know why she freaked so badly anyway. I’ve swallowed worse things than broken glass. She forgot about the Q-tip episode and the $300 vet bill!

Meankiitties wreck the jointWe didn’t get a pic of Medea—she is in Solitary Confinement in the library most of the day and we only see each other in passing with much hissing and growling and a swipe or two.

Meankitty eats the present

Magick, on behalf of the crew—MagickMerlinMystickMedea

Magick’s Page / Mystick’s Page / Merlin’s Page / Medea’s Page / House of M Holiday Update

Meankitty tired

PS from Mommy Slave— Magick is the black Norwegian Forest Cat, Merlin is the white odd-eye, Mystick is the gray tabby/Egyptian Mau. Medea is a black Oriental who looks like she swallowed a loaf of bread whole and is in a constant state of panic. She’d be more impressive if you could HEAR her. She screams. And bites ankles. And absolutely despises the duster. Daddy Slave says the library sounds like the howling from the pits of Hell when the duster gets ‘accidentally’ left in on the books.

Submitted by: Ravyn


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