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Gallery: Sammy

Name: Sammy
Location: NC

Sammy is a meankitty

I am NOT a stalker, I absolutely have a legitimate reason to be behind that chair that doesn’t involve spying on younger animals.

What makes Sammy so mean?

There is so much to say about this old fart. At 16 years old (human years), he is the mean grumpy old man all the kids are afraid of. If our dog runs by him, Sam will not hesitate to slap him silly. Since we got our Chihuahua puppy, Sammy has started to get a stalking habit. He has turned from grumpy old man into creepy stalker. He will hide behind the couch and lunge out when he feels that the time is right to attack the puppy. He has already inflicted serious harm to the poor puppy, leaving a fairly good scar on her back from biting her during one successful attack.

The only animal of ours he is affectionate to is our younger cat, Xena, who is by no means a mean kitty. She is the sweetest, most spoiled thing on the planet.

Sammy is converting a meankitty

Scram! I’m converting Xena to the ways of the mean!

There are only two situations in which he would be sweet to one of his owners: 1) he wanted us to dig his food out (the automatic dispenser doesn’t work) OR 2) one of us is holding the puppy, and he wants to attack.

Meankitty’s Note: The use of the term “owner” in the previous text was inserted by the human, not the cat. Cats know better.

Submitted by: Leah


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