Gallery: Sammie

Name: Sammie
Location: Unknown

Sammie is a meankitty

It’s not a funny walk, human. What, do you think I belong to the Ministry?? It’s a studly swagger.

What makes Sammie so mean?

This is Sammie. The person who gave him to me told me the idiots he was saved from used to throw him around, leaving him to walk funny. But now he is mine, and I love him, even when he hates me. He loves to go with me when I take the dogs for a walk. Because of this, he has a huge neighborhood territory. Many times I can come walking back from the store and find myself accosted in unexpected places by O-Sammie bin Catden. He will allow you to pet him once on the head very nicely. Anything else, and he will KILL KILL KILL. I love him, yet I fear him.

Submitted by: Lisa


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