Gallery: Sam Osama

Name: Sam Osama
Location: Ohio

Sam Osama is a meankitty

Go away, I’m hiding in my seekrit cave.

What makes Sam so mean?

At the vet’s we call him Sam, but his real name is Osama. Just his name should tell you he’s a mean kitty. We took him in as a kitten (for his own safety) after he kept tearing out screens at his former owner’s house and running across the street (like it’s a playground) to see our other cats. We soon realized what a little terrorist we had taken in. We’ve never had such a wild cat! There was really only one thing to name him. He’s grown from a little terrorist to a bigger, meaner terrorist. His increased size and strength only serve to facilitate his acts of terror, which include:

– Chewing and tearing the toilet paper off the roll.
– Chewing houseplants.
– Eating nameless hunks of crud off the floor.
– Jumping up on the mantle and knocking off whatever he pleases.
– Playing REAL rough. Picking fights with the other cats for the sheer hell of it.
– Eating off our plates.
– Attacking the vacuum cleaner like it’s just a big play toy. No fear.
– Joyously “helping” anyone who comes in to work on the house. Involving himself with loud heavy equipment. Climbing ladders. Fearless.
– Pulling down my tabletop Christmas tree two days in a row. Standing up on his hind legs and just SEIZING it. I finally took it to work to keep it from being destroyed. I’m afraid to get a big tree!
– Grabbing and attacking, with all 18 and the teeth too, any hand that reaches out to pet him (he defines this as play. I have scars.)
– Escaping out the door, running like hell from me, and disappearing. Damn good thing I have an ID tag on him. Some people on the next street, BEHIND his former house, called me one day last summer to say “We have your cat … that’s really his name?”
– Climbing screens. Still tearing out screens. He’s become a real expert! Damn good thing we have central air. Next summer, it’s window grilles!

Submitted by: Shari


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