Gallery: Ree Roo

Name: Ree Roo
Location: Planet of Inconsistency

Ree Roo is a meankitty

I didn’t make the human crazy. She was that way when I got her!

What makes Ree Roo so mean?

This is no ordinary mean kitty. He attacks on two fronts. You have the physical attacks, where he rubs up against your legs, purring. Then, CHOMP! Love bites is what my husband calls them, because he only bites me and our other cat, Orson. He treats me like a human lollipop…if he’s not biting, I am never safe from the sandpaper tongue.

Then comes the psychological attacks He will sit and stare at me until I get the heebies. I wake up in the middle of the night to find him sitting on end table, STARING. I ask him ,”What?!?”. The constant staring drives me mad, and he knows it!

He bangs the blinds, then tries to bury my food. He has even developed a tolerance to water by hanging out in shower so the water bottle is no longer a threat. He is unable to drink out of a bowl; he prefers a people cup, and if its not to his liking, he will knock it over. At bed time, you must rub his belly till he goes to sleep. If you do not, you will know no peace.

Submitted by: Stacey


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