Gallery: Rascal

Name: Rascal
Location: Eternal Infamy

Rascal was a meankitty

I liked to post sexy ab shots of myself on my blog to get more comments from the LADEEZ!

What makes Rascal so mean?

I am so cool that I have my own blog (see below)! However, I have a high standard for my humans, and they are required to adhere to it. I find I must constantly remind them as to their duties, which include but are not limited to:

* keeping my food bowl full at all times. If I see crumbs or the bottom of the bowl, then I have the right to demand attention to it.

* feeding me kitty treats. They know when I want them, as I sit up to let them know.

* keeping my water cup full of fresh water. I do not drink out of a bowl. I have my own cup. If it isn’t kept up to standards then I have the right to jump up on the bathroom vanity and drink out or Dad’s cup.

* letting me in and out on demand. I have a kitty door but humans should show proper respect and open the big door for me.

* petting on demand. They usually do this quite well but haven’t learned to read my mind in regards to when I’ve had enough.

* playing with me. I like to play chase the string or stick. I like to play catch with one of my toys. However, I reserve the right to be entertained by watching rather than participating.

If these standards are not kept then I have the right to use loud vocalizations (at 3 am if necessary), claws, and teeth to keep my humans in line.

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