Gallery: Rami

Name: Rami
Location: Unknown

Rami is a meankitty

Dude…I hadda go, and you were in my way! Sittin’ there reading a magazine.

What makes Rami so mean?

This is Rami, my mean kitty. He likes to molest my dog, repeatedly, on a daily basis (cat humpage!). He also steals the dog’s toys, eats the dog’s food just to show he is superior, and drinks the dog’s water. He lays sole claim to my bed and sits on my face while I am trying to get to sleep. He attacks anything that moves under the covers (like toes). He also hides behind chairs and leaps out at me when I walk by.

He once climbed into my pants and peed on them, with me still in them (I was on the toilet at the time)….I have no idea why. Mean, but strangely loveable.

Submitted by: Jennifer


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