Gallery: Rambo

Name: Rambo
Location: Unknown

Rambo is a meankitty

From here, I can really take down that old lady who lives next door. GERONIMO!

What makes Rambo so mean?

I am submitting my white deaf male cat “Rambo” to your Gallery. He has departed this earth but when he was here he was a holy terror. He stalked my wife and would attack her from behind jump up and bite her in the buttocks and even draw blood. No animal except Maggie our very large golden retriever/chow, was safe. I brought a 6 or 7 week old wild kitten I rescued from a storm drain into the house long enough to find it a home. We weren’t in the house 30 minutes when I heard this loud yeowl coming from the front room. I rushed in to find out what was going on and had to rescue that cat from the Mouth of Rambo–he literally had that kitten’s head in his mouth.

Rambo is a meankitty

Want a drink? Gotta go through me.

He despised anyone who came into our house, by hissing and yowling at them until they left. One time he chased our 88 year old neighbor out of the house. She came into the living room about six feet–she saw Rambo, he saw her, and the chase was on. She took a step back, he took a step forward, the faster she moved the faster he moved. He very nearly got her before she was able to escape out the front door and close it behind her. She would never come in the house again unless we locked Rambo away in the bath room.

On the other hand, he loved Me and would sleep with me, either on the bed or even under the covers in the winter, and even with all his problems we loved him and miss him very much.

Submitted by: R. Duran


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