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Gallery: Kaylee

Name: Kaylee
Location: Raleigh, NC


Kaylee is a meankitty

SHAZAM! I am beside your game. SHAZAM! I am in the middle of your game. SHAZAM! I am under the bed because you yelled at me for messing up your game.

What makes Kaylee so mean?

Kaylee is mean because she eats all of our Nerf darts. At 1-1/2 years old, she looks big, but is still a kitten at heart. She doesn’t realize how sharp her claws and teeth are, but she likes to play and gets too rough at times. Her favorite time to play is at night when everyone is asleep, and her favorite game to play is “bite the feet.” We go through a lot of Bandaids. She will also bite and shred any poor, unsuspecting roll of toilet paper that gets away from the herd. But she spends most of her time looking for her nap, which she usually finds right in the middle of the floor where we’re walking.

Kaylee makes a mean mess

Can you get me another roll? I’m almost out.

Kaylee gets along very well with Zoe, our other cat, but sometimes they play the “I can eat your head” game. We’re not sure what’s going on exactly, but it looks like a cat version of thumb-wrestling, and the one who can get the other’s head in her mouth first, wins. Kaylee also eats like a pig and poops like a fiend, and doesn’t cover her business. This upsets Zoe a lot more than it upsets us, though.

Her kitty superpower is teleportation. I might see her on the couch, then I walk down the hall, enter the bathroom, turn around to close the door, and SHAZAM, she’s laying in the middle of my bed. Wha– what?

Her motto is In dubio somno – When in doubt, take a nap.

Submitted by: Author JL Hilton (http://jlhilton.com)


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