Gallery: Dunkin

Name: Dunkin
Location: House of Duck

Dunkin is a meankitty

Hey, that tangerine on your plate looks really barfworthy! Think I’ll swipe it.

What makes that Dunkin Donut so mean?

Dunkin is a nasty cat. He’s six years old, growls all the time, and has been nasty since he was tiny. If he does something bad and you yell at him, he will whack you. If he wants to beg for table scraps and you don’t cooperate, he gives you his paw. He can be a con artist but mostly he’s nasty and mean to all. He picks on his own kids. I have the whole family, but the rest are nice. Dunkin got all the mean gene in the family.

RIP, Dunkin. Your mean, mean ways will be missed. Since you’ve been gone, all we’ve had are mean ducks.

Ducks are mean

Any cats in this house? No? We’re taking over, quacks!

Submitted by: Mary


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