Gallery: George

Name: George the Cat
Location: Bored

George is a meankitty

I am bored with your silliness. Scram.

What makes George so mean?

My name is George and I shoot lasers out of my eyes. I have tricked my slaves into thinking that I am not a mean kitty, but they are fools! In the past I used to enjoy peeing on everything in sight. I have grown bored of such silliness, and now I poop on the spare bed for kicks. My brother Chairman Meow and I are big fans of random destruction. Our favourite game is to knock food from the kitchen counter onto the floor so that the family dog will gobble it down and then throw it up. We are such clever cats.

Submitted by: Chris


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  1. Marilia says:

    Hehehe! Nice to meet yoU!

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