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Gallery: Dolly from Australia

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Name: Dolly
Location: Australia

Dolly is a meankitty

Yes, I AM stunningly beautiful. Emphasis on STUN, which is what I will do to you if you do not worship me.

What makes Dolly so mean?

This is Dolly. A stunningly beautiful cat with many personalities, Dolly picks and chooses who she wants to tolerate in her life. At 12 years of age, she has no tolerance left for the youngest child, who spent the most part of her childhood trying to steal cuddles from her, and is still trying now at the age of 20.

Dolly is mean enough to be in jail

I dished out the scratches, kicks and bites, and all I got was thrown into kitty jail.

Dolly is not afraid to dish out the scratches, kicks, bites and hisses to those who she thinks is deserving of them. She does, however, reveal the smooch when she wants to be fed, and to those who talk to her in a high pitch but don’t touch – eg. the fiance of the older brother. This can change in the blink of an eye though, and next thing you know you’ve got teeth in your calf.

Dolly is a meankitty

Sing Phantom of the Opera NAOW or I will bite you!

As soon as Dolly sees any other cat, she growls, hisses and moans as if it’s repulsive that she is not the only one of her species to exist. It seems the only thing to pull her out of her furious episodes is singing/screeching in a high pitch at her: Phantom of the Opera is a favourite. Beware the Doll.

Submitted by: Eden