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Gallery: Salem

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Name: Salem
Location: Cairns Queensland AU

Salem is a meankitty

It's not a micronap. I'm doing my crunches. Can you spot me? Just put a part of your body close to my claws, and I'll dig in.

What makes Salem so mean?

Here is a pic of my cat Salem during a micro nap in the lounge room. He usually spends most of the time stalking me or my other cat Smokey. He has a love of paper and cardboard, and if I am reading a book, he will bite into it and start tearing it up. My arms and legs bear many scars from his overly playful behaviour, but I would not change him for anything. I rescued him from Death Row at an animal refuge a few years ago, and he is just totally hyper active most of the time.

Submitted by: Wayne


Gallery: Sadie (2)

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Name: Sadie (2)
Location: Unknown

Sadie is a meankitty

Now I'm in a place I SHOULD be...!

What makes Sadie so mean?

This is Sexy Sadie. She was a stray living in our back hallway and we took her in. She’s small and cute but oh so mean. The only toys that interest her are human feet and hands.

She is quite talented at getting into places where she should not be and has succeeded in getting into the cupboard where her dry food is kept and gorging herself (now we have to keep her food on top of the fridge). Just the other day she peed in my closet. Not sure why. Sadie loves to hang around at dinner time and attempt to swat the forks out of our hands. She also has a terrible reputation with the neighbors–human and feline.

Submitted by: Katey


Name: Sadie

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Name: Sadie
Location: Denver, CO

Sadie is a meankitty

Open up! I'm a kitty dentist.

What makes Sadie so mean?

My poor dog…This is mean Sadie, hanging off her nose.

Submitted by: Lindsay


Gallery: Sachi

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Name: Sachi
Location: Unknown

Sachi is a meankitty

Slit pupils good, round pupils bad!

What makes Sachi so mean?

We rescued this adorable but satanic kitten when her mother rejected her and she failed to thrive. We should have gotten the message that nature takes care of its problems. But no, we had to “rescue” her and fall hopelessly in love with this ice queen. She’s a trophy cat. You can look, but do not dare to touch her or come close to her, or even pretend that you are going to touch her. I’ve almost lost an eye when trying to bend down to kiss her and ended up with her claw wedged in my eyelid. Oddly, she loves my other three cats and is quite loving and playful with them. Ah well.

Submitted by: Connie


Gallery: Sabrina (3)

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Name: Sabrina (3)
Location: Toronto

Sabrina is a meankitty

I hate flowers. Do you know what I do to flowers? Same thing I do to poodles.

What makes Sabrina so mean?

Sabrina is one mean kitty. She loves me usually, but hates everybody else. Many of my friends are afraid to come over to my place because Sabrina always attacks them. And when I bring an intruder into the house, she attacks me too!

Once she bit my foot and wouldn’t let go, even when I tried to shake her off. She even attacks our 19 year old deaf and senile poodle, who never meant anybody any harm! She looks sweet at first glance, but that demon-like red eye gives her true spirit away!

Submitted by: Melanie


Gallery: Dahlia

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Name: Dahlia
Location: Marietta, GA

Dahlia is a meankitty

Turkey? What turkey? I didn't see any turkey.

What makes Dahlia so mean?

Dahlia used to be a sweet kitten. But something occurred when she grew up and now she is a little devil. She will roll on her back and ask to be petted, and then when petted, will viciously attack your hand. She ‘kills’ shoes, goes into bags and boxes and bowls, bites everyone, and sometimes goes into what we call ‘psycho kitty’.

Dahlia is very mean

Venus flycat in 3...2...1...

She’s a beautiful cat so she lures you in with her beauty just to hurt you. If you play with her she will chase after you and attack your ankles and legs. She asks for turkey out of the fridge by rubbing her paws on the fridge door. When you give her turkey, she doesn’t even eat it! She is a menace!

Dahlia is a meankitty in a suitcase

Shoes? What shoes? I didn't see any shoes. Oh, you're going on a trip, you say? How are you gonna do that without SHOES, huh?

When we had another cat Chloe, who eventually passed, Dahlia would jump onto Chloe’s back and bite her neck and attack Chloe. When you play with Dahlia her ears go back and she shuts one eye and she looks demonic.

Submitted by: Rachel


Gallery: Pungo

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Name: Pungo
Location: Chesapeake, VA

Pungo is a meankitty

My name is Pungo Montoya. You killed my hairball. Prepare to die!

What makes Pungo so mean?

Dear humans: When you went to pick me up as a 2 lb ball of kitten fluff, didn’t you ask the lady who was shoving me into your arms where all of those scratches and bite marks came from??? Come on, you had it coming!

I like approximately 1.5 people in the world–my mom and the little girl–I merely tolerate the so called husband. The vet has a stupid yellow label with the words AGGRESSIVE PATIENT written on it in bold ink on my limo aka crate aka HELL CAGE THAT WILL DIE WHENEVER I GROW OPPOSABLE THUMBS. Ha-Ha! They haven’t seen anything yet.

Pungo is a meankitty

I hate you. In case you were wondering.

I hate most everyone who walks into my house. I lead them on by meowing softly and flicking my big beautiful tail around their legs and then WHAM!!! I stick my teeth into them, growling and hissing at the same time. Makes them run and scream out of the room. Why do I do this? Because I can.

My meow is more like a screech. It makes nails on a chalkboard sound like a lullaby. Oh, and if you happen to be my mom’s little sister, I truly cannot stand you. Period. In my 8 short years I have trapped you in bathrooms, in bedrooms, outside the house and in the kitchen in the middle of the night where I laughed when you had to call your big sister from your phone to come save you from me while she was upstairs sleeping. You are lucky you had your phone on you. I might hate you more because you also happen to be a vet, but you’ll never know. Until it’s too late…

Pungo likes fresh water

Louise? LOUISE?? What have they done to you!

I am also high maintenance. I refuse to drink from water bowls and resort to drinking from those white things in the house with ice cold water in them. For good measure I also like to splash my paws around in them and get the seat all wet…makes it fun when you sit down in the dark. I hate being brushed, and I know I have caused you to have puncture wounds that required a trip to the doctor. You, of course, retaliated and took me to the vet to get me shaved that summer. Payback is coming–I promise–for that little adventure.

Pungo is really mad at you

You aren't going to enjoy the interest I charge on payback, human.

For added fun, I like to suffocate my mom at night by sleeping on her chest. Sure, she can’t breathe, but I am warm and happy. If she tries to brush me off, I simply come back and bite whatever body part happens to be unprotected by the blanket. My bed, my move, my way or you know what will happen.

The bag of my expensive cat food that I love to half chew and half throw up says “Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world.” Mwhahahahahaha!!!!!!

Submitted by: Laura Jenkins