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Gallery: Salem

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Name: Salem
Location: Cairns Queensland AU

Salem is a meankitty

It's not a micronap. I'm doing my crunches. Can you spot me? Just put a part of your body close to my claws, and I'll dig in.

What makes Salem so mean?

Here is a pic of my cat Salem during a micro nap in the lounge room. He usually spends most of the time stalking me or my other cat Smokey. He has a love of paper and cardboard, and if I am reading a book, he will bite into it and start tearing it up. My arms and legs bear many scars from his overly playful behaviour, but I would not change him for anything. I rescued him from Death Row at an animal refuge a few years ago, and he is just totally hyper active most of the time.

Submitted by: Wayne