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Gallery: Oliver

Name: Oliver
Location: Unknown

Oliver is a meankitty

No, no, no, anything but the kitty restraining device!

What makes Oliver so mean?

Oliver is such a mean kitty that when I take him to the vet (where they have him filed as “cranky”), the doctor jumps back in horror when she sees him (and not in a joking manner). An assistant has to come in and put him in a restraining device (please keep in mind he was just 5 months at the time and quite small) during his examination.

In addition to his behavior at the vet, he is quite a bully at home. A friend compared Oliver’s behavior towards me to an abusive relationship. He bites my ankles, arms and nose and slaps my glasses off my face and then, when its time to go to sleep, he curls up around my head, purrs and tries to groom my hair.

In order to calm him down, I got him a pet–his twin brother from the same litter, named Beanie. Beanie is sweet and cuddly. On two occasions Oliver saw Beanie sitting on the side of the tub while I was taking a bath, shoved him in, and ran off.

Submitted by: Sherri


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  1. Annmarie says:

    I like that he’s labeled as Cranky. That’s my label too.

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