Gallery: Norman

Name: Norman
Location: Bates Motel

Norman is a meankitty

Are you taking a shower, you wicked girl?

What makes Norman so mean?

Norman is named after Norman Bates from the movie PSYCHO. He was named 3 days after we got him at 8 weeks, after he launched himself at the shower curtain and ShReDdEd it with his evil claws whilst we were taking a bath. Since then he has manifested pure and unadulterated evil thoughout the house including but not limited to destroying lounges, glassware, crockery, lamps, windowsills blah blah blah.


Submitted by: Mr. Bates


2 Responses to “Gallery: Norman”

  1. Marilia says:

    Love you Norman!!!!!

  2. Annmarie says:

    Poor Norman. One little slip and he was labeled a psychopathic killer. Ok. 400 little slips later and maybe he is… Poor poor Norman.

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