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Gallery: Neko

Name: Neko
Location: Mao’s House

Neko is a meankitty.

See these ears? Useless. Mao busted my eardrums. That deserves a good beat-down, right?

What makes Neko so mean?

Thinking that Mao would settle down and stop crying with a companion, his pal Neko was adopted more than a year ago. Now Neko is all of five pounds and appears to be such a tiny, sweet kitty. Looks are deceiving. She is fascinated with anything cardboard which she tears apart with her nails and mouth, and she is confused between her litter box and down comforters (two down and none in the house).

Neko prefers to sleep under the covers like a person instead of in a kitty bed. That probably sounds like a kind and gentle kitty. Well, Neko lacks the gentle touch to indicate she wants under the covers. She will hit me so hard in the face that she will draw blood. There have been too many mornings that I have gone to work with a cut lip or a cheek abrasion. Cover stick is my friend.

Past her desire to abuse me, she abuses poor Mao. She runs around and bites his rear end. She now runs the place. Mao hasn’t stopped crying and Neko is here to stay. Oh and yes, Mao taught Neko to scream as well. Thank goodness she’s only in the 60 decibel range.

Meet Mao.

Submitted by: Rebecca


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  1. Marilia says:

    Beautiful oriental siamese!

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