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Gallery: Mao

Name: Mao
Location: Large Household Appliances

Mao is a meankitty

Boy, I can *really* whiz on the clean laundry before she has a chance to put it away now.

What makes Mao so mean?

Mao is a mean kitty because he screams and screams and screams. Mao doesn’t cry – he screams between 80 and 100 decibels. This kitty could result in material damage to one’s hearing.

Mao came to live with me some three years ago. He’s an adult oriental shorthair show cat that needed a place to spend the balance of his years. The first indication of his proclivity to more than talk was when I flew to LA to retrieve him and bring him back to San Francisco. In the airport he made such a racket that people started looking for the crying child. He kept this up until I put my hand in the carrier. On the flight the only way to keep him from screaming was to constantly touch him. Of course the fact that the flight ended up circling the Monterey Peninsula for 45 additional minutes due to air traffic didn’t help matters. Thank goodness he’s a charmer and a flight attendant allowed me to hold his carrier in my lap rather than put him on the floor.

I have learned that with Mao isn’t not necessarily anxiety that makes him yell, scream and cry. He hates the phone and begins screaming as soon as I get on it. Strangers who phone ask if I have a child having a melt down. Mao also screams as soon as you walk out the door – he goes off like an alarm. He is very social and likes to be with his person.

He also will sit in the kitchen every morning and scream until he gets his cuttle fish treats. He knows where they are kept and goes off like an alarm anytime he can convince someone to give him some. He’s a happy, healthy nine pound boy as a result of his insistent for between meal snacks. Mao knows when I am expected home and sits at the door and cries if I’m late. Needless to say this high maintenance pal is never left home without a say in cat sitter.

Meet Mao’s “buddy”, Neko.

Submitted by: Rebecca


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