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Gallery: Gracie

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Name: Gracie
Location: Unknown

Gracie is a meankitty

You silly human. You only have dibs when I say you have dibs.

What makes Gracie so mean?

What makes my cat Gracie mean? Well, there’s the usual catly things like tracking litter all over the carpet (I understand some of that is unavoidable, but do you HAVE to jump out of the box, sprint to my bed, and then paw at the sheets?). And who can forget “I need to search inside this closet NOW! I don’t care that it’s 4am! Open the door!” But those are pretty typical.

The things she does that I KNOW are intentional and in poor spirit are sleeping on the keyboard (and biting me if I try to move her–hey, I make a living on that machine, I have dibs!) and preferring any glass of water I have to her freshly cleaned, just filled water bowl. No matter how tantalizing I try to make it. I can’t drink out of the cup beside my bed when I wake up in the morning, because I KNOW she’s been getting kitty drool in it all night.

Gracie drinks mean water

Here's the joke. I'm not actually drinking anything, just spoofing off hairs.

She knows right where the edge is, and she really likes to keep me hovering there, without quite pushing me over. Mean kitty!

Submitted by: Colin