Gallery: Ringo Starr

Name: Ringo Starr
Location: Texas

Ringo Starr is a meankitty

Look at this treasure I found in the garbage! Now where should I leave it that it's most likely to be in the way?

What makes Ringo Starr so mean?

My name is Ringo Starr. I’ve been terrorizing the world for nearly two and a half years. My mean traits include attacking my “brother” Rocky (who is a dog and deserves to be attacked), opening cabinets and knocking things out of them, and getting into every trash can to dig for hidden treasures, only to leave them scattered over the entire house. What? My human DID find me by a dumpster when I was a wee little terrorist in training of only 3 weeks.

Ringo Starr is a meankitty

Dang, that was close. I just barely got this shut before the dog could get back in.

I also enjoy cuddling up to my human “mom.” SIKE! This is the beginning of my nightly plan to take over the entire bed. If for some insane reason my plan fails, which is rare, I ferociously attack my human mom’s face and pull her hair with my teeth until she jumps out of the bed altogether! Sometimes, I will knock the water she keeps on her nightstand onto her bed.

Ringo Starr hogs the bed

Time: 2:34 am. Location: Bed. My bed. Alllll mine. Human: dripping wet from a deftly toppled water glass.

Basically, I never lose. I ALWAYS get what I want, and I’m cute and I know it.

Submitted by: Rachel


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  1. Marilia says:

    Ringo, you´re superstar!!!!!!!!!!

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