Gallery: Mr. Brown

Name: Augustus Magoo Brown
Location: Wisconsin

Mr. Brown is a meankitty

I've got a little indigestion from those specs....

What makes Mr. Brown so mean?

Don’t be fooled by this seemingly sappy “nice kitty” picture of Mr. Brown. In fact, this picture is a perfect illustration of his own particular brand of Mean. Mr. Brown specializes in a unique form of Mean that has come to be known as “Lethal Cuteness”.

Gus has also caused hundreds of dollars in damage because he cannot resist chewing on anything he finds. Among other things he has chewed through: the cords on two sets of earphones, one of which was a rather expensive “white noise” set, countless library books and shoelaces, and most recently, a brand new pair of prescription glasses. When Gus was finished with the glasses both lenses were pocked with little teeth marks, causing the poor human wearing them to see spots wherever he goes.

Mr. Augustus Magoo Brown is mean

Could you please rub my belly and make me feel better? Pretty please? Come on, you know you want to.

Whenever his latest act of destruction is discovered Gus immediately goes into “Lethal Cuteness” mode. The formerly very angry human falls under his spell and ends up petting his tummy, telling him what a good, handsome boy he is and then kissing him on his fuzzy orange head. After the human leaves, Gus snickers quietly to himself and begins to plan his next act of destruction.

Gus lives with his brother, Squirt, who is also a Mean Kitty, and two humans, one of whom looks at life through the teeth marks on his glasses.

Submitted by: Laura


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