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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Cash

Gallery: Cash

Name: Cash
Location: Western Oregon

Cash is a meankitty

Bug-eyed, schizo outbreak in 5...4...3...2...1...

What makes Cash so mean?

Cash has been a meankitty for just over a year now…coincidentally he is just over a year old. Cashie came from a shelter and was the only one of his litter bold enough to not hide when people came to visit. This resulted in his adoption by a young woman who, as luck would have it, would not be strong enough to defend herself from his developing quirks and bullying techniques.

Cashie’s favorite ways to be a meankitty include pulling breakfast out of his human’s hands with his own tiny cat hands and eating it himself; slapping his elderly adopted and declawed “sister”; sleeping on his human’s face; being overweight and proud despite a low calorie diet and exercise; being constantly bug-eyed and using those bug-eyes to closely observe every shower his human takes [[Meankitty’s Note: He’s just monitoring the human for trace evidence of DOGS — it’s nothing pervy, you perverts!]]; along with following all human traffic closely and in the perfect “trip” zone. He also exclusively sleeps on his human’s most expensive purses and clothing. Cash can tell a fake Coach from a mile away and will only sleep on the real thing.

Cash is a meankitty

It's a trial for me to rest my furry buns on this plebian purse, but after what I did to the Coach bag, I've had to play it on the down-low...

When his human is away at university, he lives with her parents and enjoys biting his human’s father and figuring out ways to steal his “sister’s” geriatric cat food.

Submitted by: Marissa


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  1. Marilia says:

    Oh my! I love cats like Cashy. My Nelson is txedo cat too!

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