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Gallery: Mystical

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Name: Mystical
Location: Unknown

Mystical is a meankitty

This is me on kitty Prozac.

What makes Mystical so mean?

Mystical is our meanest animal in our house who thinks she in charge of the house. My father bought a Lazyboy for himself, but when he brought it home Mystical jumped up into it. If anyone tries to sit in the chair when she’s in it, good luck. She’ll turn on her back, stick her legs up with claws out, and shred your tushy to pieces. She loves to sit in the rafters in the basement right by the stairs, and when anyone comes down, she will slap them with her claws.

We have another cat who practically lives in the basement due to Mystical. Any time our nice kitty, Stormy, comes up, Mystical will chase her all over the house along with the dogs and will make sure Stormy knows where her place is. Mystical has taken over the dog house, and when the dogs try to go into the dog house, she’ll look up at them and go for the nose.

Mystical is a meankitty and crazy too

This is me on catnip! Okay, not really. I'm totally just high on life. And the smell of fear.

She has this annoying meowing that sounds like she’s crying, “Momma!” She only does this when she has a little bit of food in her bowl or when she’s totally out. If no one pays an attention to her when she’s meowing for food, she’ll go downstairs,and grab mouth fulls of Stormy’s food. Oh, and picking her up, forget about it! If you pick her up when she’s being so cute, she will look you right in the face and slap you with a paw full of claws. If that’s not bad enough, don’t leave food out anywhere she can get it. By the time you come back, the food will be gone.

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