Gallery: Queen Sheba

Name: Queen Sheba
Location: Indiana

Queen Sheba is a meankitty

Aerial attacks are just part of the many services I offer. And by "offer" I mean "foist upon the other household residents."

What makes Queen Sheba so mean?

5 year old [at the time of this post] Queen Sheba loves to do an aerial attack on any unsuspecting person walking by and will clamp down on your head while giving your back various scratch marks. Petting is absolutely not tolerated unless you enjoy the look of bandages adorning your hand, wrist and arm.

You would think she’d be a little more grateful considering she was rescued from underneath a truck at the tender age of 6 weeks and welcomed into my home. She attacks my two other cats almost daily, and the yowls and hisses sound like she came straight out of hell. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Submitted by: Delta


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