Gallery: Newdave

Name: Newdave
Location: Philadelphia

Newdave is a meankitty

From what I hear, Olddave was a dog lover. Bring on the new generation! Bring on the Newdave!

What makes Newdave so mean?

Perhaps it all began when he realized that he was replacing another cat, but this kitty truly knows how to tear it up. Besides fighting with all of my other four cats, Newdave also has a wide vocabulary of tiger-like growls the extent of which I never imagined a housecat could produce. One of Newdave’s favorite mean activities is sitting on my chest while I am sleeping while gashing my face with his monster claws.

Submitted by: Nell


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  1. Annmarie says:

    I don’t blame NewDave. He must exceed the previous owner’s cat-ness. It is cat law.

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