Gallery: Mystick

Name: Mystick
Location: Bedford, VA

Mystick is a meankitty

I really don't appreciate this whole cage thing. Good thing I learned to let myself out.

What makes Mystick so mean?

This is Mystick Grace (or Myssi), Magick’s little sister. There is a reason she is in the cage. She looks so sweet and innocent but put her in the room with another female cat and she goes on a murderous rampage! We did not know this until we had our own ‘Interloper’ incident with a stray who now lives in the library (because Myssi will not allow her any place else) and is now named Medea. (Medea SOUNDS like a mean kitty and is a moody biter and ankle chaser, but since she is an Oriental cat we think it is nature over nurture.) Myssi, on the other hand, is wicked. She tries to dig under the library door to intimidate Medea. A left-over string of bead garland from X-mas is under the door and Myssi and Medea will tug-of-war with it until you hear their heads hitting the door! BBBRRRRRPPP-THUMP/BBBRRRRPPP-THUMP!

Myssi will love you up and down, but when she has had enough she goes from angel to devil in the blink of an eye. She is small and silky and purrs so loudly you can hear it in other rooms, UNTIL the tail starts thumping and the head goes cobra flat and then you are in BIG trouble! Myssi adores her Akita dog named Samantha ever since Sam chased off some bad neighbor dogs who were approaching her in the cage. But even Sam gets an occasional attitude and swat.

Mystick is a meankitty from hell

This is my "fires of Hell" expression...can you tell?

She once caused my Mother-in-Law to spill an entire cup of very warm coffee all over the couch and rug and herself and even got some on Myssi. She swipes like a sniper–one shot, one kill. She never misses her target. Sometime her target is poor Merlin who is the only kitty in the family who does not belong on this site. Merlin gets chased and thumped from Magick, too. Poor Merlin! (Merlin is our ‘surfer-dude’ cat–all he wants is to play! Every morning I hear da-dump-dump-dump up and down the hallway and then HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS! and Myssi has put an end to that nonsense!)

Merlin is not really a meankitty

Hi, I'm a dude.

We could not believe that little sweet 5-pound Myssi actually had 18 pound Magick in a wrestle hold once–and Magick was making pitifully embarrassed sounds. Then just to prove she could, she did it again! We call her Hissy Myssi or Pissy Myssi. She hits the kitty tree at top speed and knocks the whole thing sideways. She is like a little stick of TNT! Those flames on her eyebrows are from the fires of Hell! One frown from those crocodile eyes means BACK OFF!

Submitted by: Ravyn


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