Gallery: Minifluff

Name: Minifluff
Location: Valentine, NE

Minifluff is a meankitty for valentine's day

Me and my calico partner--just call us the Wonder Twins. Shape of...A HELLCAT!

What makes Minifluff so mean?

This is Minifluff. I found her yowling pitifully in a snow bank next to my porch one night. She was only a few weeks old, and my soft heart forbade me to leave her in the cold. I should have known she would bring nothing but trouble even then, as she hissed, spat, and yowled at me, thwarting my every attempt to shoo her into a box. Finally I tossed a jacket over her and brought the whole, noisy bundle into the house. An hour and a can of cat food later, she decided that I wasn’t planning to eat her.

Since then, she has made it her personal goal to cause as much bodily harm to her loving humans as possible. When she isn’t climbing the walls or curtains, she’s biting ankles. She quite literally flies from the end of the hall to behind the couch and back again in an unending game of tag with her furry calico partner in crime. I am usually an obstacle that comes between the cats and the back of the couch, and I find myself bleeding quite often. Anything that comes near her will cause her eyes to gleam maniacally and warrant a good swat or two.

The phrase that is most often directed at her is, “You’re crazed, Minifluff!”

Submitted by: Denise


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