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Gallery: Medea

Name: Medea
Location: Bedford, VA

Media is a meankitty

Am I in the mood for petting? Not in the mood? Come on, take a chance!

What makes Medea so mean?

Around the same time that Mean Kitty and Big D had an Interloper (and Rats) problem, Magick, Mystick and Merlin had their own interloper problem. But this interloper looked more like an Alien and the inevitable offspring were Space Monkeys. At first the interloper was called The Alien. All of the Monkeys found their own Slaves before X-mas 2005, but somehow The Alien remained! So this is the story of Medea–aka The Alien, Lightbulbs, and Chub-chubs (she came back from a stay at the vets all ‘fixed’ but soon looked like she swallowed an entire loaf of bread whole.)

Medea is naturally a growler and biter–as a lot of Orientals are–we think she is a Bombay–but the constant threat of death that looms over her head living with Magick and especially Mystick has left her a tad demented. Medea despises the duster. If the duster is left in the library it sounds like the bowels of Hell in there.

Medea is a meankitty

What the slaves don't know is the feather duster springs to life behind their backs and attempts to open the seal to the 8th level of Hades. I am MEDEA, the ALIEN DEMON HUNTER!

Mystick has to be locked away in another room for Medea to see the light of day in the other parts of the house, and even then it is a constant hissing and growling fest. Medea puts up with Sam the dog since Sam is an 80 pound Akita used for hunting bear. Of course this does not help Medea’s paranoia, though Sam loves cats and would never hurt them on purpose.

Once Medea and Myssi met face-to-face, it turned into a screaming, fur-flying cat rumble that left Medea with a split ear. Medea holds grudges. If you pet her too long or in the wrong spot or she is just not in the mood (frequently the case), she will attack you, even if it takes hours to set up the ambush. Ankles and elbows–where the skin is thinner and rips more easily on Slaves–are her preferred targets. Always accompanied with vicious loud growls, huffing and puffing, and hissing that is enough to give you a heart-attack before she even touches you! Sometimes Medea will attack just because you are talking to her. At night when the Slaves go in the library to turn out her light and make sure she has food and water, she grabs their ankles in the dark, sinks her fangs into the top of their feet, and claws up the shin while howling like a she-demon.

10/09 Update: Medea still lives in the library but sneaks out quite a bit when everyone else is napping.

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Submitted by: Ravyn


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