Gallery: Maggie the Beast

Name: Maggie the Beast
Location: Unknown

Maggie is a meankitty beast

I'd jump on him, but I'm saving up energy for the midnight rumpus.

What makes Maggie so mean?

I adopted Mags (Maggie, Beast, etc) while I was living the single life. Two years went by and all was well I had a loving kitty who loved everybody. Then I got a girlfriend who started staying over more and more. Mags (the lynx-point) hated the new girl. So Mags constantly ran around swiping and biting the girlfriend. In fact, the only person she bites is my girlfriend. Mags also started dive bombing the bed to wake us up; she was particularly fond of jumping on the girl’s head. Jealousy at its finest.

I decided that Mags probably needed a friend. So I headed to the shelter and came home with Scrumpy Sheffield the III (a brown and grey tabby). Well, we introduced Scrumpy and Maggie and all hell broke lose (for Mags anyway). She flipped out and turned DEMON. I never heard such sounds. Almost a year later and occasionally I still hear those evil sounds in the middle of the night. Now they have developed a new game that I call buffaloing. They run at full throttle side by side kung-fu wrestling and knocking everything over. The best part is they only do this when we try to sleep.

Submitted by: Robert


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