Gallery: Maggie (2)

Name: Maggie (2)
Location: Unknown

Maggie is a meankitty.

They call it flipping a bird, but it should really be flipping a claw.

What makes Maggie so mean?

This is my Maggie, truly a devil cat as you can see by these pictures. If the teeth and claws doesn’t scare you, then she will give you the finger. She chases me away from the computer so she can play solitaire.

Maggie is a meankitty who plays computer

I always beat this game. It's too simplistic for my advanced intellect.

As soon as she sees me head for the bathroom, she jumps in the washbowl and dares me turn the water on, so I have to wash my hands in the shower. She also took over the remote control and changes channels no matter what I want to watch.

Maggie censors in a mean way

She was trying to watch American Idol, but it really sucks this year, so I exercised my felinal control. It's like parental control except it blocks anything with DOGS.

I must say that now that she’s 3 years old, she has quit biting me daily and is down to about once every week or so, but you never know when it’s coming, so always have to be alert.

Submitted by: Suzanne


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  1. Annmarie says:

    I loves her!

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