Gallery: Fluffy (3)

Name: Fluffy (3)
Location: The Open Road, on a Hawg

Fluffy is a meankitty and a kitler

On the day Sue was born...the cats all gathered round...and they gazed in wild the treat they had found....the head cat spoke up!...she said, let this one be owned!...she could tell right away....Sue'd taste good to the bone. Sink your teeth to the bone!


What makes Fluffy so mean?

On the day I was born
the techs all gathered ’round
and they gazed in wild wonder
at the joy they had found

The head vet spoke up
She said, “Leave this one alone.”
She could tell right away
I was bad to the bone!

Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
ba ba ba ba ba ba bad
ba ba ba ba ba ba bad

Bad to the bone

This cat actually put me in the Emergency room. He had bitten me so bad that my hand swelled up to the size of a baseball glove. I needed to receive 1 1/2 grams of Rocephin a very powerful antibiotic. All because I looked at another cat, hahahha.

Submitted by: Sue


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  1. Annmarie says:

    Bbbbad. Bbbad to the bone!

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