Gallery: Edith

Name: Edith
Location: Unknown

Edith the Meankitty

I wouldn't have to bite you...if you'd stay out from between my teeth. Sheesh!

What makes Edith so mean?

Let me tell you about Edith.

This cat was thrust upon us because her owner was leaving her behind. Now I can see why. She was declawed when we got her, and as a result she bites. Or maybe she bit before she was declawed. Who knows? But she sure bites!

Edith the Meankitty

Knock knock. Who's there? Edith. Edith who? Edith any humans lately?

You cant walk past her without her shrieking, as if you are hurting her. This cat is evil personified!!! She waits in doorways and strikes when you least expect it, when you fully expect it…she doesn’t care.

Photo submitted by: Liz


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