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Meankitty.com » Blog Archive » Gallery: Poopooh

Gallery: Poopooh

Name: Poopooh
Location: Maine

Poopooh is a meankitty

I'm featured in the dictionary under "looks that could kill...you in your sleep"

What makes Poopooh so mean?
Poopooh was not always a meankitty. Less than two years ago she was a lean, active, soft cuddle bug who purred like a jet plane when touched. But then life started to change, slowly beginning her descent into meanness.

She had been raised by her MALE caretaker. He was all hers. When Poopooh first obtained her cat-loving caretaker, there had been another cat, but soon it was just the two of them. They enjoyed the bliss of a man and his cat for quite a while. And then one day, her man brought home a woman. This woman started to be around more often and started to remove the attention from Poopooh. Poopooh became very jealous, but soon realized that this woman would not be going anywhere, so eventually accepted her as another means of petting, food and as a co-keeper of the man.

This went on for over a year and a half, when all of a sudden without permission the man and the woman got married and moved into a new apartment. They dragged the poor Poopooh from her castle near the woods surrounded by birds, mice, moles, chipmunks and all such things to chase, to a one bedroom apartment with a bad view from the windows and large, mocking squirrels that bounded around outside the windows.

This move enraged Poopooh. She began binge-eating to lessen the pain and put on a bit of weight. Names like “Sausage” and “Tick” began to be tossed around.

Poopooh is a shadowcat.

Only the Shadow knows...the evil in the hearts of cats!

When she was finally getting used to the apartment, the woman brought home a fiendish white cat in a box. Into HER territory!! Poopooh hid for a while, but then remembered who’s boss here. She would hiss at the new cat, who was trying to get acquainted with the apartment after being in the local rescue league for six months. She would trap new cat in a room by sitting in the only exit and growling and randomly pouncing at him and hissing.

She became so angry at her humans that she no longer would sleep in bed with them. When they would place her into bed with them, she would sit and growl as they stroked her. This once sweet cuddle cat became quite the meankitty. She began eating in excess, and after a month of sharing her turf with this new cat she put on another few pounds, making her more bitter. She still stalks the new cat, and since she is black and he is old, he doesn’t see her even when he walks right past her, giving her the opportunity to strike.

Submitted by: Brittany


3 Responses to “Gallery: Poopooh”

  1. Poopooh says:

    It is so great to see that now the whole interwebs can see how mean of a kitty I am.

  2. Meankitty says:

    You are eliciting a nice number of site visits, too. Good on yer!

  3. Poopooh says:

    Glad to hear.

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