Gallery: Fleur (2)

Name: Fleur (2)
Location: Unknown

Fleur is a meankitty

Check it out -- I can hide behind my tail and then jump out and bite you! Who cares about "Softpaws"!

What makes Fleur so mean?

This is Fleur. Yes, she’s little, and delicate, and pretty like a flower, but she’s meaner than hell. Has been since the day I brought the little thug home. She hates everyone in the house but my five year old daughter, who, ironically, bears the nickname El Diablo. She routinely beats the snot out of my sweet kitty DangerDebbie, who outweighs Fleur by about ten pounds, and harasses my geriatric kitties, Tiki and Nina, whenever they are between naps. Happily for those two, the between nap moments are few and far between in their golden years.

On a more pleasant note, since we discovered an invention called SoftPaws, Fleur’s evil quotient has been greatly reduced. Everyone in this household breathes easier now. And the scars on my hand are slowly healing.

Submitted by: Chris


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