Gallery: Bella (2)

Name: Bella (2)
Location: Unknown

Bella is a meankitty

I just removed a bunch of lunchmeat from this bag and sealed it in Tupperware, for later.

What makes Bella so mean?

Bella is a black cat to a tee. She’s wicked smart and mischievous, always leading the other cats in her plans. Last week we caught them all in the baby’s room…with some lunch meat, taken out of the deli wrap.

Bella is a meankitty

This is my artsy pose. It's called "Cat Dreaming of Lunchmeat".

She’s queen of the house. Bella likes to let you know when something is amiss in her world by wreaking havoc. With a casual flick of her tail, she breaks ornaments, spills glasses/jugs, climbs and snaps potted plants, and destroys anything and everything wrapped in paper or plastic. All while looking you in the eye.

Bella is an affectionate cat…as long as you let her initiate everything. She will purr, headbutt you, lie across your shoulder, lick your face (ew) but the second you try pet her, she’ll dig in her claws and bite your hand. Then start loving you again. She’s a twit.

Submitted by: Jake


3 Responses to “Gallery: Bella (2)”

  1. Marilia says:

    Wonderful queen!!

  2. Lisa B says:

    She is exactly like our Mimi! She rules our house just your Bella. We have three other cats an she runs the show. We call her Queen Meem.

  3. Meankitty says:

    Sounds like Queen Meem needs a Gallery page.

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